An Insightful Analysis On Intelligent Bags Programs

An Insightful Analysis On Intelligent Bags Programs

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As surprised workers workers sought to find out her identity, she claimed to one that she was a Brazilian businesswoman and told another that she owned a honey farm in Guyana. Sharon De-Freitas, manager of the Air Ambulance shop, told the Standard: Before she came in I thought business had been very slow, I was worried we weren't going to meet our targets. She came in with two huge suitcases. She started piling items at the counter. View photos Shelter in Crouch End was one of two shops that the woman spent thousands of pounds in (Google) More It kept mounting up, she went to all the different departments, cleared me out of all my mens clothes and bought most of our ladies stock. She was in the store for at least half an hour. Ms De-Freitas, who has worked at the shop for four years, said the woman was buying the items for workers at her honey farm in Guyana. She added: As it kept going I started to have a กระเป๋า ZARA สะพายข้าง สวย ๆ little chat with her why she was buying so many items. She said she had a honey farm in Guyana, 1,000 acres and 5,000 people employed. I have had one customer come in and spend 100 but nothing like this has ever happened. Before she paid she said she had to go to the bank to make a transfer, I didnt think shed come back but she did. Meanwhile, as the same woman spent over a thousand pounds at a Shelter store, she claimed that she was a Brazilian businesswoman กระเป๋า mango pantip buying items for her mother. A spokeswoman for Shelter said: On Monday April 3, someone came into Shelters Crouch End shop on Topsfield Parade and purchased 1,116 worth of goods in one go, leaving the rails bare.

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| Sat Apr 8, 2017 | 3:03pm EDT Two inmates charged with killing four others at South Carolina prison By Gina Cherelus Two South Carolina prisoners admitted to killing four fellow inmates at the state prison where they were both serving life sentences for murder, local media reported on Saturday. Four convicts were coaxed into a cell at Kirkland Correctional Institution in Columbia on Friday by Denver Simmons, 35, and Jacob Philip, 25, who then attacked and strangled the men, Thom Berry, spokesman for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, told the Post and Courier newspaper. Spokespeople from the state's law enforcement division and from the correctional facility could not immediately be reached for comment. Simmons and Philip, who have each been charged with four counts of murder, confessed to luring the men into a cell and attacking them, according to arrest warrants obtained by the Post and Courier. Two out of the four inmates were also beaten or stabbed with a broken broomstick. The attacks were partially caught on video. Prison officials found John King, 52; Jason Kelley, 35; Jimmy Ham, 56; and William Scruggs, 44; dead in a cell at the all-male maximum-security prison on Friday morning. The motive behind the attacks or how the victims were lured was not immediately clear. Simmons and Philip are currently serving life sentences for unrelated double murders. Philip pleaded guilty in 2015 to strangling his 26-year-old girlfriend and her 8-year-old daughter in Summerville, South Carolina, according to police records acquired by local media.