Helpful Questions On Smart My Lucky Numbers Plans

Helpful Questions On Smart My Lucky Numbers Plans


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A Quick Overview Of Efficient [astrology] Strategies

Just trynna be around people who are interested in astrology, ghosts, and aliens.

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Astrology Of Aretha Franklin: The Voice Of The Moon

matthew currie astrology aretha franklin Moon in Cancer is a powerful emotional placement, often too powerful for those who stand near it or those who own it. I imagine it was a lifelong struggle for Aretha, having the gift of that voice of her and yet trying to remain as under-the-radar as possible. We can only be thankful that she managed it. Liz Greene, in her epic-length book The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption, made the observation that when it comes to actors and performers, there appears to be a distinct shortage of people with Moon in Cancer… but that shortage is made up for by that placement in the charts of writers and composers. Moon in Cancer often needs a place to hide. The world’s emotions and grief and pain are simply too loud to deal with all day long., and yet that is exactly where Art comes from. We were all blessed that Aretha was able to pull off the trick of sharing her emotional sensitivity — her soul — with the world and yet maintain the secrecy and privacy that she craved. She managed it by pouring all those feelings into her voice. In other words, the “real Aretha” was hiding in plain sight right in front of us the whole time. Now go back and listen to Respect and Natural Woman and Freeway Of Love and I Say A Little Prayer. What you are hearing is Aretha Franklin’s Moon.

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