Simple Answers On Fast Methods Of Japan Travel

Simple Answers On Fast Methods Of Japan Travel


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North Korea's on Trump's travel ban list, but that's not likely to disrupt diplomacy

Democrats seem to agree with that assessment. "I don't know that the SCOTUS ruling has a whole lot of effect on talks with North Korea," a Democratic congressional aide told CNN, adding that there has only been one North Korean official to come to the US in recent months and that the ban includes fairly broad waivers for the President to exercise. "I'm not sure how much I would read into it," the aide said, despite admitting that the timing is "bizarre," given it comes just weeks after Trump's summit with Kim. "North Korea may choose to respond, but the travel ban has been in the works for a while," the aide noted. While Tuesday's decision may not have much practical significance in terms of preventing North Korean officials from entering the US, the time that has elapsed since September when the ban was issued and the court's ruling does reveal "how quickly the Trump administration has turned around on North Korea," according to Abraham Denmark, director of the Asia Program at the Wilson Center. "Just a few months ago, the entire country was seen as dangerous and suspect. Now the President and the Secretary of State claim that North Korea is no longer a threat and that we can trust Kim Jong Un," Denmark said. "North Korea hasn't changed -- the Trump administration has changed, and this is the ghost of strategies past returning to haunt current diplomatic efforts," he added. Pompeo defends Trump agenda in face of global anger over tariffs, migrants At the time when Trump issued the third version of his travel ban last September, the US and North Korea were engaged in a heated standoff. Trump and Kim engaged in a heated war of words for months, as North Korea continued its nuclear and missile tests. And while Trump insists that Kim has stopped its tests in recent months as a sign of good faith, North Korea has stated that it did so because its programs have reached a stage of development where tests are no longer needed.

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